Attention Deer Hunters

Quick update to all of our deer hunting customers, beginning November 2nd we will no longer be accepting whole deer for processing.  We have a 2500 sqft addition starting Monday in the entire area where we cut up deer.  Our sincere apologies to ALL our loyal customers, we hope the 2020 deer season is safe & successful for everyone and we look forward to the 2021 season!  With this expansion we will better serve our customers in the future.  I will send out updates as the building takes shape.

We will still be making venison sausage if you process the deer yourself.  But we do not take venison that is already ground, we have no way of know what it was ground with or how it was ground.  Please make sure NOT to use scented garbage bags, they can ruin the meat.

Thank you and Sorry for the inconvenience!

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